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Men Clothing Neck Scarf Accessory Silk Muffler

  • Neck scarf for men in pure silk fabric from Benaras in India
  • Size: 25 Inches x 72 Inches.
  • All purpose, formal, casual and evening wear
  • Dry Clean Only.
  • Made in India.
  • This item can be shipped to Europe locations only.

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Men accessory neck scarf handmade by artisans from India. These handmade silk muffler are created by the hereditary weavers of Benaras. The tools used are very basic in nature wooden blocks for marking designs on silk. a muffler (also called a scarf) is a piece of textile, often long and narrow, usually worn on or near the head, for warmth, fashion, cleanliness, or religious purposes. In cold climates, a thick knitted muffler (made up of wool) is tied around the neck to keep warm. This is usually accompanied by a warm hat and heavy coat. The craft of knitting garments such as mufflers is an important trade in some countries. In drier, dustier climates, or in environments where there is a lot of airborne contaminants, a thin scarf is often worn over the head to keep the hair clean. With cultural exposure from Europe, these scarves found their way to the western wardrobes too.

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